[Tool] WCS Setup ZIP Check & UnZip (crc error, unzip problems)


from WCSD Forum (german)

1. Introduction

On german WCS forum (www.wingcenter.net) and also in english WCS forum (www.wcsaga.com) we have several postings about download problems respectively unzip problems or crc error at setup. What exactly is the problem is not clear at the moment, but it seems that some older decompress tools can't handle the big WCS ZIP archive and/or the ZIP archive may have download errors. For this the "WCS Setup ZIP Check & UnZip" tool was written.

2. Functions

The tool can do the following:

  1. checking the big ZIP file with MD5
  2. unzipping the ZIP file if MD5 was completed without errors (optionally)
  3. starting WCS Setup after UnZip (optionally)

3. Usage

Download "WCS Setup ZIP Check & UnZip" and unzip the tool in the same folder as darkest-dawn-setup.zip.

Now you should have the following files in your download folder:


3.1 Check (MD5)

Simply start darkest-dawn-setup_zip-check-unzip.exe.

During the MD5 check is running, the following is shown:


If the ZIP archive is not completely or have errors, the following is shown:


If all is fine, you can unzip the ZIP archive:


3.2 Decompress (UnZip)

Select target folder. The subfolder "darkest_dawn_setup_unzip" is automatically created in target folder.


During UnZip runs, the following is shown:


After UnZip a summary is shown:


Now you can select if the tool shall start the WCS Setup. If not, the target subfolder with all unzipped files will opened in windows explorer.

4. Download

Download from wcsaga.org forum thread
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