Tingerhoff system buggy

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Hey there.

First off, I have to say - great work, guys. So far, I've found two reasonably strange/problematic bugs. First of all, somehow I have managed to (after a little work) miraculously be at the best of terms with each group, with the exception of the Retros, who hate my guts. I got the impression this was some sort of 'going into the negative, becoming positive' bug and didn't think too much of it.

Now, the problem I'm really having is this - upon entering the Tingerhoff system, at first my entire game crashed to the desktop - but the game continued unabated, I just wasn't able to see what it was doing (as I said, I was on the desktop). I cancelled it, got back in and loaded the autosave. This got me into Tingerhoff - but the stars were blurry. Still, I ignored this and went off to Palan - but half-way across the system it did the same crash it did last time.

Any ideas?


Oooh ooh! Just a little more on this -

The crash always happens at a particular point of the system, when stars start rushing by. Also, it doesn't respond to keyboard input - I tried to push the dock and goto buttons to no avail.

Cheers again,
I was also playing this last night and I noticed several items in the commodity exchange where I could see your XML code...don't know if that's supposed to be commented out or not.
Tingerhoff & Junction are known crash spots - thanks for bringing up Palan!

FL Datastorm has pinpointed an anomalous jump point from Pender's Star that might be causing the Junction crash; as for the other two, I have no clue. Possibly encounters or wrecks.

As for the XML and bases, some of it (though not the crashes) are fixed in the latest version (which would have been released for birthday but due to the issues pointed out). PM me if you want in.