time line for Outlander


I don't know if the writer or anyone from the movie reads this, but I wanted to say how much I enjoy the movie. I own the dvd and my children and I watch it from time to time.
The one problem I have with the movie is the time line. The movie is set in 709 ad I believe, but seeing the attack of Lindisfarne England wasn't till 793 ad that would be way to early for the Viking era. I hope that when a sequel is made the writers fix the timeline.
Best Wishes,
Hey Paul! It's cool that you like the movie!

Yes, 709 is a little early for the so-called "Viking era." However norse culture didn't just magically appear in Scandinavia later in the century. While the film does take a liberal view of their culture and has them calling themselves Vikings when they really should be "norsemen" (Vikings is what other cultures called the Norse pirates that raided coastal areas... or something like that) The other aspects of the film really aren't out of place.

It is perhaps on the early side for Christian missionaries to be set up in Norse villages but it's not really much of a stretch to believe that at least one may have tried unsuccessfully to convert a village early in the eighth century.

When I talked with the writers though, the timeline was basically a good midway point from the setting of the original Beowulf poem on which the film is loosely based. (Some may recall that early press releases were saying the movie was set in 509 AD...).