this game, WC Saga, and the truth

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Well, yesterday I downloaded the WC Saga Prologue. All I can say is that it rocks. To make really good video games takes time. One good example is Halo 1,2 and now Halo 3. Bungie announces a date for the release of the Halo game and then a few months later reverses course with a new release date. Bungie originally announced a release date for halo3 in the winter of 2006 then in the spring of 2007. Now Halo 3 is being pushed to the Fall season of 2007.

Halo 2 and 3 were not and have not been delayed at all. The only official date announced for Halo 2 was November 9, 2004. The first announcement for Halo 3 said "2007," and they've only just recently changed that by narrowing it down to "Fall 2007."

We all could accuse Bungie for vapor ware,

Nobody that understands what that term means would accuse Bungie of making vaporware in these cases. That implies that the games they were working on were continually delayed and at risk of fading away and not being released.

For some games the production costs could cost a company hundreds of millions of dollars until the game is ready for mass production for us consumers to buy.


The people who made the WC SAGA prologue made a good game even if it was slightly short.

They didn't make a short game. They made a couple demo missions for a game that's still in development.
Re:wc Saga Rocks

Hey, are they still looking for some voice actors?
I'm interested. Recently I've starred as Eagle Eye in 3 Halo miniseries episodes known as "INFINITY: minus one". In the first episode, I was the malfunctioning "nut behind the trigger". If you are interested in seeing the 3 episodes I'll post the link on this board.
If you are interested in seeing the 3 episodes I'll post the link on this board. Wasn't sure if the posting of the links were appropriate yet. rules said:
4) Do not post messages specifically for the purpose of publizicing a website or soliciting a non-Wing Commander product or service. References to web sites and resources directly related to the current discussion are encouraged. Personal URLs in signatures are allowed.
Considering that you are essentially mentioning the episodes as a sort of resumé for any available voice roles, I would suggest that this falls within the boundaries of "related to the current discussion." However, there might have been a thread specifically about applying for voice roles, or you could email the saga team.