The Wing Commander Tablet Thread


First off, I’ve been a Wing Commander fan for almost 30 years and I’m in no way advocating for illegal piracy by posting this post. Support Wing Commander by buying the product. There have been similar threads in Wing Commander chat boards in the past, and being slightly afflicted with Asperger’s on the Autism Spectrum Disorder scale, I just wanted to give this preface so there would be no misunderstanding.

Now on to our main topic: Wing Commander for tablets. I doubt there will ever be a market to officially port the Wing Commander series to tablets; but I’m grateful there are some methods to emulate Wing Commander on a tablet.

However, I find all MSDOS emulators, including Magic DosBox to be cumbersome and confusing. There are a set of console emulators developed by Robert Bragula that work so much better than Magic Dos Box could ever work in my opinion. His emulators of the SNES and the Genesis Mega CD really are simple. Wing Commander was ported to both of those units, and I find the SNES much more playable than the MagicDosBox version. Sadly, Wing Commander II was never ported for sale. And sadly, Robert Bragula never developed a Dos or 3Dox system or PSOne emulator, so there is so much a Kindle Fire 10 2018 version can do too.

I wish there was an official market to port these over to a tablet with tablet controls. Defeats the purpose to Bluetooth a controller. We want as close to a tablet experience with Wing Commander.

I’m not a programmer. I’ve just been interested in trying to play Wing Commander on a tablet. And I’m glad there is a SNES version that seems to work the best on the tablet with the Bragula SNES emulator. Although, the Genesis version looks just like the Dos version and might actually play better. I was always a Dos/Windows guy before my tablet days. I was never into major consoles, with the exception of a GameCube.

This is more of a background story than a question and I hope it doesn’t violate the CIC guidelines.