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Academy Manual said:
Widely used on most carriers, the Rapier was an instrumental force in the Vega campaign. Heavy weapon loadouts along with excellent acceleration and maneuverability make it a highly effective dogfighting ship. The Rapier is equipped with laser and particle cannon as well as a wide array of missiles and several chaff pods. Since its shields and armor are barely average, it is advisable to take evasive action in order to avoid enemy fire. Dragon, the famous Confederation pilot, flew most of the Vega campaign missions in Rapiers. He named it the best all-purpose dogfighter in the Confederation fleet.

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Thanks Wedge. Especially since I only could have provided the German text :).

(Though I thought there was more of a "The Rapier really is the iconic fighter"-feel to it. Still a nice enty. Ah, the Academy manual is a might fine thing.)