The Story Behind Those Odd WC Connections (December 12, 2022)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I’m concerned about what happens to all other human religions and cultures between now and 2634.

"Why not Confederation Day?" Joshua said slowly. "It'd be the logical time to really nail us. Half the crews will have the weekend

"Maybe, but I wonder if the Cats would be that crazy. Do that and it'd really get our blood up. It'd be an act sure to arouse our rage. That's the biggest holiday of the year outside of Christmas.'

In spite of this, let me simp hard for Action Stations: it is so much fun. It’s an in-universe Wing Commander prequel where the author literally just rewrites At Dawn We Slept but in space. You can’t read it without imagining F4F Wildcats and Zeroes and square jawed navy heroes. (Despite the cover of the ebook, it is not at all from Wing Commander V, the new release.)

Which is something that happened a couple times. Have you ever wondered what the weird paintings that showed up in magazines about Wing Commander Prophecy were? Here’s an example from Ultimate PC:

Once you know the game it’s pretty obvious they don’t correspond to anything in it. In fact, they’re storyboards for a 1996 Wing Commander movie test shoot planned by Origin! The plan was to film the first concom fight to prove the company could do the level of fx work needed.

For whatever reason they were included on the EPK for Prophecy the next year, long after Chris Roberts (and the movie) had moved on to Digital Anvil. Magazine editors assumed they were Prophecy conceit art and they were published widely. The full set.

Chris DID finish the test using props leftover from Wing Commander IV for the composite shots and it was used to shop the movie! It’s extra cool because it uses the original Rapier and Dralthi designs, imagining full CG ships for the film:

This was shown to the public at SXSW in 1998 (as unbelievable as it must be to anyone who has ever lived in Austin that anything good ever happened at the event).

Original update published on December 12, 2022