The Start of Something Sirius


Rear Admiral
Chapter 1- The Backstory

A year has passed since TCS Cerberus and her pliots captured the new Alien Wormhole in Proxima. Since then, Lt. Lance Casey and his friends were famous pliots. Although it seemed the Alien threat was no more, a small purple hole appeared at the far edge of the Sirius system. None saw it...It was consealed within a astroid belt. Devil Rays poured out in groups of 5. They waited until a fleet of Krakens appeared. They then started moving out of the belt. One Strike force, a Murphy-class, TCS Sunrunner, sent a distress call to Sirius Station, far away. Sirius Station sent word to Confed HQ, which desided to send the new Mistral-Sea class battleship to combat the threat. The left the Sol jump point...and then the darkest day began...

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Chapter 2- A Sirius threat