The return of MicroProse!


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Microprose is planning a fourth game The Mighty Eighth, a B-17/B-24 simulator
We are honored to announce to you, our fans, that MicroProse is working on a brand new The Mighty Eight title for Virtual Reality.
The Mighty Eighth will be a VR-first project (but also playable with no VR enabled) in which you will be able to play with 9 other friends (or AI crew) as you work together to survive the war and accomplish your missions.
Drop those bombs on the right spot, guide your crew through long drawn out day, or the dark, moonless nights, keep your airplane in touch with the rest of the squadron and HQ as you monitor radios and communications. Defend your Flying Fortress by keeping those enemy fighters away from you and your squadron mates. Pilot or co-pilot this beast under a massive amount of stress – and enemy fire, but don’t drop out of formation or you’re a sitting duck.
The new Mighty Eighth is not just a game. It’s an experience from a different time where young men grew faster than they should and saw things no man should see. And YOU will be put right in the middle of the action.
Lots of detail:



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Well, I will say this much: if even half of these games turn out as well as promised, I will definitely grow to like this new MicroProse. And that's exactly the way it should be: proving themselves through their work, not merely by buying a logo.

(yes, fine, I'll admit it. Twenty years have passed, but I still haven't gotten over the experience of being tremendously excited about a CinemaWare revival, only to be hugely disappointed by everything that followed. So for this new MicroProse, I want them to succeed, but they ain't gonna win me over until I've played a couple of released games)


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I guess that I'll have to talk to my dad -- I remember how he and I played Gunship, Airborne Ranger, Formula One, and the Silent Service games.


F-15 Strike Eagle on the Commodore 64 was my first taste of combat flight sim, that and Huey. DCS World could use some competition to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Still, with how much I've invested in Eagle Dynamic's baby it'll be interesting what else MicroProse have to bring to the table as time marches on. I suddenly have an urge to play Cold Waters again.


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Lots of memories! Silent Service, Gunship were played around the clock in our house. My favourite was F-19 Stealth Fighter. That fat glossy manual, it was awesome. I remember climbing as high as possible and watching the sky turn darker...


Microprose was the developer that marked my adolescence even more than EA / Origin with Wing Commander.

F-15 I,II,III getting promoted and awarded with medals was pretty cool at the time.
Gunship 2000
Airborne Ranger.
Task Froce 1942
Master of Orion I and II.
1942: The Pacific Air War.
Grand PRix 2,3
Falcon 4.0
Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard

With a little help of Wikipedia.


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Wow, HGreat news! thats a real nostalgia trip.
Gunship 2000, what a game.
And X-COM Interceptor, the intro is stuck in my mind.