The game "Chorus", Freelancer & Descent mix


Rear Admiral
Just a tip for anyone thats interested in a light arcade-y game: "Chorus" was released in Dec 2021 and it went (for me) unnoticed until now.

It's definetly not a Wing Commander game but more visually beautiful Freelancer mixed with a bit of Descent (the first game, not the flight-sim). You get in-game powerups, you can teleport through space right on an enemys tail in fast-paced combat.
I've only just started playing the Demo which is also available through Steam so I haven't delved too deep in the game mechanics and story. I do know there are upgrades for your ship and you can purchase them via spacestations. I'm still on the fence of buying the full game but if you are into this type of fast-paced game it might be something for you.

Here review from IGN and "Is it worth buying"-type video.
I had been excited for this game for quite a while, and I'm glad it's been well-received so far. I might want to pick it up some time soon.
I picked it up recently, I was enjoying it for about an hour but got to a point where it really wasn’t clear what to do and no way to back out of that mission.
I bought it and played it a while ago. It was nice diversion and brought a lot of comparisons to Everspace 2 (which comes from a very similar vein).

Just a nitpick info, the music composer for Chorus is also the same composer for Star Citizen.