The final battle

Did you like the final battle of UE?

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I noticed that in the final battle, I can't any of the other cameras from between the jumping in of the vampires to the Eisen jump in. I noticed a long time ago, but I thought it was because of auto-camera stwitching too many ships in the area to allow me to use the other cameras. When I just played that mission, it dawned on me that the reason why I can't use the other cameras was because there is a set camera to cockpit function running continuously, which means that anything I stwitch to another camera, 2 seconds later I am taken back to the cockpit. I noticed another error on that ralari mission, but I know it will be a blue moon when UE is patched again.

Hmmm...I wish I had the time to make the edits and compile the source code, but I just don't have the time. And really it would only be worthwhile to do so if some of the coding advances in Standoff could be incorporated.

Anyway, I wonder what is the official course of events in the final battle. Did anybody die, how many craft were destroyed for all three friendly factions, the damage to the Zu'baka, where any of the cruisers destroyed before the Eisen's forces arrived?
There is no "official" course of events - what would be the point of that? If we ever continued the story, we'd have to decide what happened... but since there is no continuation, it would be pointless and downright counter-productive for us to decide such things. I mean, let's suppose that we were to make up an "official" history... and let's suppose that a few years later, we decide to make UE2 after all. What's the guarantee that the history we made up years earlier would fit whatever we'd like to do with UE2?

(and no, I'm not saying we're planning to do UE2 after all :p )

And of course, even besides that, the questions you ask are very strange - how many craft were destroyed? I really don't think that kind of information should ever be given - rather than being of interest to anyone, it actually spoils the story, since dry statistics will always reduce emotional impact.