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Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Now Hear This:

Due to a number of frustrations, including limitations with the Freelancer engine and a burning inclination that this project has been taken as far as it can go, I am officially declaring this mod finished. I will shortly be releasing the enigmatic "Gamma 1" to the public, but otherwise work on the mod will be stopped completely.

I will not accept offers to take over the project. This thing has gone through four leadership changes - and that's tempting fate an awful lot to me. I've seen plenty of these things come and go through infighting, lack of interest, or simple bad luck, and I do not want our proud heritage stained as such. I will distribute information and parts as requested - my only request is that you not use the name "Reckoning". To my sentimental heart, this name, stolen from a LancersReactor post exactly two years ago this day, has transcended the boundaries of its joking origin and, in the process, transmutated into one of the few truly decent fan projects from either Wing Commander or Freelancer. We have been blessed by the support of both communities, and I believe that, in each of its various inclinations, Reckoning offered the best of both worlds. There may be other projects, but there will only be one Reckoning.

Thank you for your support, and good day everyone.
Bob, the mod is a fine job and you have achieved a lot of good things in all the time. Thanks for everything you have invested into it, and for all the fun (and creative swearwords) it has given to us.

Ride on, there's always a new horizon.
Unfortunately I only recently was able to enjoy the Reckoning mod but I have to say it was incredibly fun, quite professionally polished in appearance and gameplay. You've definitely put forth on hell of an effort and I give you the greatest thanks I can, as well as all the others that helped out on this project.
well.....damn, i'm out of work now :(

wholey understandable bob man. it's a great mod, shame to see development end.
Indeed, I can see where you coming from Bob. Its a shame to let it go, but I think something like this was bound to happen eventually. I believe everyone can agree with me when I thank you (and Warzog, and Tolwyn and countless others) for helping produce Reckoning, it was a fun ride while it lasted.
Um... Is this some kinda of sick joke? I'm personally working on some WC projects for freelancer, and I can tell you it's hard doing it by yourself, but don't give up... It makes other modders like me lose hope. I may not have totally agreed with the way reckoning turned out, but it's a great mod, and has a lot of promise shows the great moddability of freelancer. So please tell me this is a joke, and if it is, it's not a very funny one.
idk loaf, but I know the support at lancer's reactor seems to be drying up, and with all the lead developers backing out on him, I kinda understand where he's coming from. It's just another example of lack of support from the modding community. People want the end result, but don't want to give any support to get it. kinda sad.
I believe I saw a similar announcement from him on TLR so I assumed it was genuine...which is a shame but understandable.
hey striker, didn't you just suggest to me on TLR to join this project? ;) Real shame though, I've been watching this one since it started a couple of years ago.
Not to reply to my own post but, is there any interest to keep this project alive? Cause I'm working on a similar project, and I wondered if freelancer fans are still interested in WC mods... Anyone care to give an opinion?
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