the dust cannon sound


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i recieved them fine thanks

the thing is, if i do use these i intend to use sounds like the capship going by, or more genaric things like that, i wont be using the more recognizable things in anything official or profitable. plus they're good to have.



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Well, you know, it seems to be a general rule (at least in sci-fi) to never just use a sound - people normally take various sounds and mix them together to get what they really want (for example, the roaring elephants and whatnot in the Star Wars TIE fighter flyby sounds). I would recommend you do the same - even with those sounds that you think nobody would recognise (and let's face it - nobody from EA would ever recognise any sounds from WCP, because they're not that recognisable), you should at least alter them or mix them with other sounds.

It's not even a matter of copyright - it's simply a matter of principle, that if you're going to use something commercially, you shouldn't just take it from somebody else.


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oh, i agree wholeheartedly,

sound is a new area to me and although it would be easier to use the straight sound, adapting/combining sounds makes them more memorable, and satisfying when the final product is reviewed. and as far as the principle of it, im not trying to be a villinous character, but the sounds are interesting and there may be a use for them (in one form or another).

but nonetheless you are right, it would be less than commendable if i just took them and used them "willy-nilly." you wouldnt happen to know the name of the sound engineer on secret ops, should i need to give credit (which is very important), i just cant find my cd with secret ops at this moment.

i apologise if i appear to come off as a common roustabout; i try to be right whenever possible.


edit: oh i found the sound guys' names on the internet so if i do use the sounds i can at very least give credit