The CAG from WC: Prophecy


I forgot the name of the character, but the CAG on the Midway from Wing Commander Prophecy, just out of curiosity what was she doing during the Kilrathi War? Was she a pilot herself somewhere?
Her name was Commander Patricia Drake IIRC, and I believe it is mentioned somewhere in the texts for either Prophecy/Secret Ops or Arena that she had formerly been a pilot. Beyond that I don't think we're told what she did in the Kilrathi War

Patricia Drake was best known for her role as the first Commander, Air Group aboard TCS Midway. Born into a family of pilots, she applied to the Space Force Academy in 2661, but was passed over in favor of the nephew of the Sector Governor. She disdained a SFROTC scholarship and instead enlisted, serving 4 years as a shuttle gunner before entering OCS and then Flight School. She graduated three months before the destruction of Kilrah, serving aboard TCS Petrov under the unlikely callsign of "Princess". She saw a lot of combat action before the end of the war and a lesser amount in cleanup operations after.
After the war she had a number of different jobs, including staff duty at Fleet Headquarters, Company CO of a basic training unit, Flight Control Officer at a major space port, and flight school instructor. She met Christopher Blair while working as a flight instructor; he selected her for a slot on Midway based on her ability as a training officer. By 2681, she was being considered as a certain candidate for promotion to flag rank. She served through the initial Nephilim invasion aboard Midway.

I took that data from WCPedia, Waypoint! and the official Prophecy cluebook. It's a bit paraphrased but should still be accurate. I did come across some additional material about her in the design docs for the aborted Privateer 3 project as well, but I didn't put any of that above; that stuff is probably best considered speculative.