Terrorist... or not...?

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Wow... I don't think I want to know you... That makes me sick. That would make you little better than the people you'd be slaughtering.

You're just the type I was refering to. Did you know the Al-Queda prisoners in Cuba are being treated better than the troops stationed there? Thats the result of "himanitarian" BS. These people, one way or another, were involved with the 9/11. And how are we punishing them? We transported them to a tropical paradise, give them each their own bunk, and three hot meals a day, not to mention free medical care and such. If you told homeless people how we were treating them, they'd want to be Al-Queda too. Terrorists should not be rewarded, they should be killed. That is my point.
But *humanitarism* (sp?) and other good believes is what the *Western* represents, and USA is the Western *Paladin*
And it´s stupid to believe that a homeless would be like to be an Al-Qaeda terrorist for 3 meals per day and house.
That is an insult to the homeless and the humanity as well, but may fit for you.
Gee, did I say anthing of DOING terrorist acts? All I said was one could very well claim it, and get free living for the rest of their lives (or at least for as long as we want to detain them). Simply call your local federal law enforcement agency, and say "I'm a member of Al-Queda!" They may want some proof, but if you can spout out the right drivel, you may just get a free vacation.

P.S. I thought the USA was about being a free democracy. I don't think our history is pure enough to make us the leaders of the humanitarian movement.
There was an old saying in the military, years gone by. It was "Nuke 'em 'till they glow, shoot 'em in the dark, let God sort 'em out." I like it.:D
You're right Ghost, a homeless person in this country is not likely to become a terrorist. But someone in another country who has lived in poverty all their lives, but managed to build a good life for himself only to have his house blown to smithereens with his family inside while he was out buying food-is pretty likely to have an ax to grind. Especially if it was an errant bomb that hit about 3 blcks away from the Taliban guy's house.

Homeless in this country have gotten a raw deal, but a least bo one strafes them.
I've seen that picture so many times Starkey, that every time I see it now I have the overwhelming need to shove my fist down that person's throat and remove their colon.

It would be nice if people could actually satirize something with some ability instead of recycling the same eventually insipid shit.
I just have a habit of flying off the handle when something affects me. Sorry, man.
t.c.cgi: You're assuming that every prisoner is involved in terrorism. That's DANGERVILLE. How many are held there? How many have been properly prosecuted? How long have they been there? Hell, at least the troopers can walk about freely!
Even here (Sweden) three persons (I think they were all Somali, but I could be wrong) got their assets frozen for MANY months. How humane is that? How were they supposed to pay the electricity-bills, expenses for a car, if any, etc? Put money in a bank (admittedly with "suspected" terrorist-connections, al-Baraqaat or somesuch) so your relatives in a poor and war-torn country might have a better economy, and be locked out like that? And the 'set-things-right'-document... A complete disgrace to any civilized gathering. I don't remember exactly what it said (parts of it were posted in newspapers), but I remember NOT liking it, and NOT identifying any freedom-loving value in it. I think it sort of had you admit you were a terrorist (you'd have to bend it a bit, but not far enough to go out of context), and shuffling your feet while claiming you weren't going to do it again. Sheesh.
... Eh... [/End incendiary rant] :eek: (cgi, most of the hot air wasn't directed at you, btw) More to the point... Unless you know what drives a terrorist, you can't prevent terrorism. Understand the terrorist's reasoning, see if you can work something out (applying all rules of source-criticism and humanitarian/UN morality, of course), and ta-dah. If we have them now. I fail to see a fair bunch of these acts of terrorism as proper terrorism. That Bali-thing looked like outright non-specific murder (I don't see how the people responsible tried to force the government into something), WTC didn't seem to carry much of that 'bully the government around'-junk we saw in Die Hard: With a vengeance, and Moscow seemed to be fair and square freedom fighting in a hostage situation. And now Ikea's being blackmailed under the threat of bombing.

Ghost: I dunno, USA looks more like that brash teenager scurrying around showing his/her new hairdo and trying to force others to adopt it, to me...
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I dunno, USA looks more like that brash teenager scurrying around showing his/her new hairdo and trying to force others to adopt it, to me...

Considering how long the United States has been around (compared to other countries), that's an accurate analogy.
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"Turn about is fair play."

That implys, they kill our civilians, we kill their's.

who are they. they come from avery country on the planet who do we kill first our own people our friends or start at the first letter in the aphabet and work our way down.
how bout we start from where most of then come from and work are way down.....in other words Saudi Arabia
Well, that is a smart tought!

Really do you believe that it will do something, just speaking frankly, i apreciate you, but you seriously believe that?, that is just stupid and you know it, why do you wrote those things? you won´t look smarter or funny. imaybe it´s that i don´t understand you.
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How about we just abolish all religion around the world?

it wouldn't matter...those bastards would just use something else as their justification.