Tech Update (December 2, 1998)


  • The lads over at 3Dfx have released new Win95/98/NT (AGP and PCI) reference drivers for their Banshee board. Now, if you don't have a reference board from 3Dfx, these probably won't work for you (this isn't like the situation with the V2, where just about any driver will work on any card). (Thanks VE)
  • On the same note there is a New version of his Banshee Control Panel. Heres the low-down: Made CoreClock/MemoryClock compatible with RC3, RC4 and 3Dfx official drivers. Disabled MemoryLatency, cannot not find direct implimentation in the RC3, RC4 and 3Dfx official drivers.(Thanks VE)

Original update published on December 2, 1998
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