TCS Tarawa and Concordia


I don't think that this is still such a great problems. The first Tarawa
model I converted with an older PCS-Version. The newer PCS handles
the bounding-boxes a little better. When I will redo the turrets
on the tarawa, I will convert it of course with the new version of PCS.
But the BS could be a real problem, I have to test this.

About the landing itself, it is similar than in WC3. After the mission-objectives
are met, you fly into the back of the hangar and in a certain distance to the
imagine fighterbay-subsystems the mission ends.


gevatter Lars said:
The TCS Concordia shown on Fleettactis can be found in Standoff...I am quite sure that they got a Wallpaper showing the TCS Concordia and the TCS Firekka (same class as the TCS Tarawa) in all their glory on the Standoff page.

I just found that wallpaper today and now it's on my desktop. Simply gorgeous.