Super Star Trek meets Star Trek: 25th Anniversary


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This free fan game is a remake/conversion of the 1978 strategy game Super Star Trek reimagined with the UI of one of my favorite games ever: Star Trek 25th Anniversary.

Super Star Trek was written by Bob Leedom and David Ahl and published in the book BASIC COMPUTER GAMES in 1978. I added graphics and sound to this game some time ago when I ported it to PICO-8. This required some mechanics and user interface changes, but the spirit of the game was left intact.

Being a massive fan of the 1992 Interplay adventure Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, at some point, I had an idea: why not merge the graphics of the Interplay adventure with the mechanics of the strategy game? The result is Super Star Trek but played on the Enterprise's bridge. In short, you will be playing the strategy game on the main screen of the Enterprise, but you will issue commands by interacting with Sulu, Chekov, Spock, Scott, and Uhura. Additionally, I added original voices from the TV series to make things even more nostalgic.
Looks like it! I remember playing EGA trek. Seems like it was an evolved version of that magazine game.

Edit: though nobody should challenge Worf when it comes to Star Trek... or well anything. ;)
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Is it from this book?

It's probably in that book! "Star Trek" (the game) was originally created in 1971 for mainframe computers that didn't even have monitors... each move was printed out! It was a huge hit among early computer enthusiasts and was ported to every system imaginable over the years.
Is it from this book?
I think if someone correctly typed in the Super Star Trek Basic program at page 157 that person would get something that looked like like this

Here's what Emabola, the author of "Super Star Trek meets 25th Anniversary" wrote on his blog

He has some ambitious plans!

What's next​

I'd like to continue working on this game, but I'm not sure how. There's no point in adding more features; many others did it already, and better than me. There's no point in adding more weapons, more enemies, and more things. I like the "classic" experience, and I don't want to change it.

Maybe what I would like to do is keep the existing mechanics, but build something "on top." Would it be possible to add a story and some adventure elements? Can I try to recreate the feeling of a real TV episode with this simple game mechanics? That would be a nice experiment. Let's see.