Sunset Over The Bay


Rear Admiral
Hi guys, it's not strictly Wing Commander, but since it's WW2 History related I figured I could squeak by. Here's my latest piece. Couldn't stop thinking about the TCS Tarawa as I worked on this one!

Ensign Douglas S. Adams in FM-2 BuNo 55410 "White 10" of U.S.S. Ommaney Bay (CVE-79) cranks down the landing gear in preparation one of the last landings of the day.

The aircraft was later ditched and unrecoverable by Ensign Adams as he ran out of fuel short of the runway at Ponam. It may still be there under 20' of water.

The Ommaney Bay was struck by a Kamikaze aircraft in January 1945 and sunk with 93 of her crew, including Ensign Adams.



Unknown Enemy
Nice! No complaints about the quality of the models (to my unartistic eyes, they seem pretty darned good), but I have two suggestions:
1. Angle the pilot's head. It feels rather artificial to have him staring straight forward - he should be angled at least a bit, both horizontally and vertically. Maybe have him looking down towards the carrier (which would also require him to lean forward a bit). Little touches like that help take away that "computer graphics" feeling.
2. It helps to have some post-processing - e.g., depth of field, some slight blurring, etc.. I'm not sure what kind of impression do you want to get across here - whether you want this image to feel like a photo or like a painting - but unless you actually want it looking like a soulless computer render, you need to do something.