gevatter Lars

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I found my old Strakha model and just put some paint on it.

Nothing special and not very high on polys, but it looks good enough for now. Maybe I will do a Wallpaper with it...don't know.
Looks very nice. It reminds me of my first model, only that yours looks more solid and has a much better texture.
The wallpaper idea is great and for that I have a suggestion to make. Wile looking at one of your wallpapers the other day, the one with the Hellcat cockpit (which I think is fantastic, BTW), it occurred to me that it would be great if you could do a similar wallpaper but in a battle situation. You know, a fighter pilot being attacked by many enemy fighters and perhaps a capital ship with the lasers flashing very near his cockpit. Well, something like that. And it would be very cool to see an interpretation of this scene in both the Human and Kilrathi point of view as well.
Maybe this is asking too much, eheheh, it would be too much work and you already have the Tiger’s Claw to finish, but keep it on mind and perhaps one day you have the will and time to do it for the community viewing pleasure. :)
I thought about something more simple at the moment, but it might gives me an idea...would need a Strakha cockpit for that thought.
Its something like a splitscreen situation where you see the same situation from both views at the same time.
Sorry, just another thing, actually another suggestion, but not to complement the one you talked above, it’s a different thing.
Remember the death sequence in WC1, when the pilot (the player) raised his hands as the fighter started to explode? What about reproduce such image in your 3D style? :) I’m sure it would look astonishing.
I know this would be very demanding, but I’m sure the final result would worth it. Think about it. :)