Story line?



Just curious ,. but i haven't play UE yet., does it have a story line? Like actual interaction with other characters// or is it just mission after mission like secret ops and standoff?

Yeah, I really hate how you talk to people in Standoff instead of interacting with them.:p
UE does have a story, but just like in Secret Ops you have to quit the game to read offline fiction. At the end of each mission, a password will be displayed; this password will unlock the next fiction in the offline fiction browser.

As for Standoff however, we worked very hard to integrate the story into the game with in-game fiction, long episode intro cutscenes, in-flight comms and, starting with episode 2, talking heads FMV sequences... I can't see why you'd say it's just "mission after mission" without a storyline :confused:
Yeah, Standoff has at least as much ingame fiction as Prophecy... talkable people in the recroom, emails, long dialog filled cutscenes, not to mention the in game dialogue.