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Howdy folks!

Just a quick message to let everyone know that i'm still alive. Got out of basic on the 11th of this month and am now relaxing down in good ol' Ft. Rucker, AL. I'll be incommunicado for the next six or so weeks than be back at it. All the shots and everything else i've seen here have been awesome, can't wait to get back to Pioneer. I most definately miss it. I probably won't be able to reply back to this for the next six weeks, but I figured i'd drop a line and let everyone know i'm out of basic and about to begin my Warrant Officer Training. Keep up all the killer work Howard and Joel,, yeah...can't wait to get back to the grind!

Brad McKinstry - Warrant Officer Candidate
Awesome! I was just thinking about you yesterday, I was going to drop a line to Howard Day to see if he had heard from you. Glad to hear you survived basic. Keep on keeping on!
Neat. You should have left your computer turned on and logged into #Wingnut so you could read up on the last couple months' buffer.
Heh, awesome! I wish I'd caught on earlier that this was your triumphant return. Glad to hear from you - and I hope you kick ass in WO training. I'm gonna be real interested to see what you've come up with in the interim.
Hope to hear from you again soon, dude.

Do you know anything about the Navy's new flying Warrant Officer program? It's an upward mobility for hard charging E-5s and up, and the cutoff is 27 by time of commissioning, and associated degree required. It's a new thing this fiscal year, and they are taking 30 applicants.
I've heard about it, but that's about it. Sounds like a good deal, the way the Army uses it's Warrants works pretty well, so I don't see why it can't work for other branches as well. The commissioned guys have way to many other duties, but then again, Warrants now are being forced more and more into the roles of commissioned officers. Should be interesting to see how it goes.
Just a little update, got 2 weeks down on my time in WOCS. Life's been good, pretty boring overall to be honest. Spend all day in academics. I've got four weeks left. That's it, then i'll be buying my new laptop and kicking it into overdrive on the base art for Pioneer. Sorry i've been so out of the loop, but it really is for a good cause. Anyway, getting ready to take off, so i'll hit you guys up again with another update when i get a chance.

Brad Mick - Warrant Officer Candidate
good luck in becoming a Warrant Officer, Brad. maybe one day you'll give me a helo ride when i graduate and commission? ;)
Just another quick update, the 16th i'm done! In my final week now, can't wait to be out of here. candidate school...well, i'll tell the stories later, needless to say *yawn*...yup. boring. but, that's okay. more when i'm out.

Brad - Near enough senior phase to claim to be a senior phase WOC
Maj.Striker said:
Been a long time since we've seen you around, Cyb. There was someone asking about you not too long ago...

got into a car accident. But i'm ok now. Just came back few weeks ago :D Anyway it's Brad's thread :D hehehe
what's up cyb?

whoa when did you get in a car accident? I don't recall that on your forum.

heheh and I gotta start checking the wc forums more often myself. Just went through and looked at all the Pioneer stuff for the first time, this stuff looks really well done. Axious for the final product.

You guys have any use for a danrik model I made? Though if you prefer not to outsource for your 3d models that's understandable.
A Danrik probably wouldn't fit in with the Pioneer time frame and theme, but there are probably other projects that could really use it.
Well folks, its over. I'm a brand new Warrant Officer in the US army, got pinned at 1140-ish 16 May 06. Holy crap am I ever happy! Now, to work I go on Pioneer!

Brad Mick - Brand New WO1