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Actualy I take that back, I didn't miss angel. However I still wish Hunter turned up somewhere, like retired in WC3/4, rather than just dead.


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Think how boring WC would have been without the Maniac... From classic quotes such as "I have four queens" and "Does he pat you like that"... great stuff... I didn't miss Angel one bit... Hunter was cool though but he's no Maniac...

Or the movie on the (3rd?) disc that isn't in the game....."Isn't that the guy from Star Wars?"


the Star Wars comment is at the end but the "pat me like that" is in the game... Maniac had so many great lines although he seemed a little off his game in Prophecy


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Hunter was awesome, If you want to try to recapture some of the "Hunter feel" get Super wing commander. The voice acting is awesome. his comments are brilliant.