Status of mod?

I know this might go unanswered, seeing as most threads in here are quite old. However, in the hope that this mod is not quite dead yet, what's the status of it?

The latest files for Wing Commander FL I could find were 2.7, for Privateer the Reckoning Open Beta 4.65. Is that the latest?

If it is, then I can't play either mod, since the game simply exits when launching Freelancer from FLMM. The Privateer shippack works, though the game crashes in the same way when buying certain ships (like the Dralthi), or even when I enter the ship dealer on some bases (I assume that those ship dealers deal exclusively with models of ships from the modpack, as dealer that still have one or two Freelancer models for sale work fine). No error message of any kind, the game just switches to desktop, while Freelancer is still running, but I can't switch back to Freelancer.

I have tried to follow the scarce install instructions I found in here - first Freelancer and FLMM, then the 2.3 SDK files (could only find SDK 1.3b, though), then the mods.

I have also tried re-downloading the mods, but that doesn't seem to be the problem, as the crashes occur with the same ships in the modpack, and the other mods just won't load.

Does anyone have any suggestions? 'Cause I'd really love to play Privateer again, without actually having to resort to the original game.
What's wrong with the original game? And you could always try Gemini Gold, which attempts to re-create the game in a newer engine.

THat said, Bob McDob stops by here from time to time. He was one of the ones involved with this as wasWarzog. I don't think they're doing much with the Freelancer mod at the moment. They might have some suggestions on getting it working though. But Wing Commander FL should be the newer version than the reckoning.
'Cause I'd really love to play Privateer again, without actually having to resort to the original game.
Resort to ? Wow, as if playing Privateer would be a pain. You could have said: "I'd really like Freelancer to look more like the original game, Privateer" or something like that, it would have made more sense.

There is no way to play Privateer other than playing Privateer. You can try to disguise another game into looking a bit like Privateer, but it will never be; so if you want to "play Privateer again", there are ways to get it running on your modern hardware... else play some other game that looks like it but is not.

That being said, I don't think further work has been put into these mods, but perhaps someone else will be able to troubleshoot you.
From Privateer Gemini Gold not working on my system to all the other MODs not working right for me, I just went back, either found my old disks or bought what I was missing to play privateer and did just that PopsiclePete, and I am having a BLAST! (pardon the pun)

over 3 months ago, I had an itch after describing to my 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son what fun a I had playing these games. I then went about rebuilding/building computers that would actually play said games. (at the time I didn't know about DosBox) and I taught my kids everything they needed to know about maintaining old machines and software. Since then I rekindled the love of the games and the love of the time/era. I found this sight, these folks, and found a place in my life that has since flourished. I have donated time, money, time, and love back into a time in my life that I know share with my children and those that also share with the rest of use the same love. I am sorry that things aren't working out for me or thee, but they are for others, thats why I donate. Gemini Gold didnt work for me, but Flight commander did. The sites that hosted a lot of the files that I needed I donated to. So, much thanks, and keep up the work!
You tought a four year old how to clean out, replace components, install MS-DOS, configuring the memory manager on a 15 year old 80486 AT System, while likely there is a ninteno Wii in the living room? :rolleyes:
Yes, there is a WII system in the living room. Yes, he prefers the WII. Yes, he was not happy to learn how to work on a PC until I told him that he could not play star wars unleashed until he learned how to work on the PC. Once he saw the dust, dirt and pieces (very old Dell that had only 4 screws holding the Optiplex MB into the case) and was very easy for him to dust and build and rebuild with his hands. What was even better for him was that I had a copy of X-wing vs. TIE fighter that he could play later if he did what I said. So, he is now playing WC1 right now and can quote how to create a valid Config and Autoexec file with little if any errors! :)
I am having a hard time getting my kids interested in the old games I love... they tell me it sounds neat and all but ultimately won't play any :p
My daughter likes the old WC games. She likes Star Lancer, Privateer, Crimson Skies. All the flight sims I fly. I have all ready setup an old Pentium Celeron computer for her in her room for her that she uses with all my Wing Commander Games from 1 through SO to play with. You should hear her squeal when she kills a Kilrathi in WC2 and hears it scream and gurgle through the speakers...she is only nine, but its like its the best thing since she started playing the WII!

I actually have to pull the breaker to her room to get her to go to sleep at night so she will stop using the computer. And then since its really a laptop and not a desktop, it takes an additional hour fifteen before the bats die then!