Startrek Invasion

Indeed they did. I remember when they had the Ashes, and when they had some wrestling style feud between Vulcan (he's that mute bodyguard in The World is Not Enough, if you don't remember him) and Wolf.
I thought it was cool how a contestent was so good they got to be a Gladiator (Glacier), and I liked Delta and Blade, but I'd have to say my fave was Commando, because we're a lot alike. Bullied in school, began working out and getting tough, and then joining the commandos. Well, not for me, I enquired, but my ankles I have a real problem with and they were just too brittle for some of the high impact things they'd do like fast roping and such.
Here's a pic of Jet:



It does seem like we've turned this into a Gladiator Thread

Anyone got any other pics of the female Glads, and maybe the male ones for the females on the forum?
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Gladiators? You mean that sports entertainment show?

The Gladiators from the roman era were also a "sports entertainment show".
I think they're a bit like the Australian ones where they strive for a balence, where I think countries like Russia and America go for pure muscle.
Uh, it seems to have gotten a little away from the original topic here (cause that never happens ;) ) but I thought Invasion was great too, unfortunatly my memory card got wiped one day while i was halfway through it and just remembering having to tow all those life pods that were being sucked into a black hole while being shot at by Cardasians has made me squeamish from trying again.