Starfighter seems cool. Xwing/Tie Fighter designer new game

Before SC and Elite: Dangerous I would have said "WOW".
Now I say: Let's see what they really show us. The vid isn't saying much unfortunately.

I think that's one of the things Chris Roberts and Eric Braben did well in their KS campaigns. They showed off stuff they already had.
I was excited until I saw it wasn't Lawrence Holland, just some guy who did mission design and story work for the series. It's brought down more by the way they're hyping the multiplayer and not talking about singleplayer at all. I'm more intrigued by the fact that one of the other guys worked on Mechwarrior 2 than I am the X-Wing guy, and I say this as a guy who cut his teeth on TIE Fighter and didn't get into Wing Commander until many years later.

I guess there is some hope, since he worked on XvT which, like the game they're talking about, was PVP multiplayer focused, and damned good for that if you actually had a good enough connection to play it on, but I'm not optimistic. Especially since they're talking about how they just want to get you blowing things up -- a huge part of the appeal of the X-Wing series, and Mechwarrior, for that matter, was the way it was an actual simulation, and not just an explosion happy arcade game. Wing Commander is arcadey (for a flight sim of its day, anyway), X-Wing is not.

Edit: Ugh, Newtonian physics, too? That's not X-Wing. That's Allegiance, or Frontier. I want space fighters that make me feel like Luke Skywalker, not something that requires a degree in orbital mechanics to play. If I wanted to hurt my brain with Newtonian physics, I'd go play KSP.
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I love the idea of someone ressurecting the tie-fighter series, but this pitch was pretty much terrible. They had nothing to show other than "aren't we great! Look at what else we worked on". It was a lot of talk without any clear indication of what exactly they were aiming for. There's some generic concept art. And they talk up WC's slide maneuver as if it's some kind of revelation from using newtownian physics... In one breath they tell us it's the next x-wing and then turn around and say the gameplay is newtonian-hard-sci-fi based. Sorry, you can't have both.