Star Wars Galaxies


BlackJack2063 said:
I am on Shadowfire Tannim. My computer crashed so I am not online at the moment, but all my freinds are. If you want to hook up with a good guild and a city with cool peeps look for the RAA, tak to either Sip, or Ellis Zahn, they are guild reps. Well Ellis is the leader lol. The guild only accepts Masters, and have really been trying to get the Civil War going.

Gotta be a Rebel though.

As for the Jedi problem, it is sad that anyone can do it, but it does take time to macro-grind, and casual players like me just don't time. The quest system will be better, maybe Jedi's should only get Jedi Xp for quests. The Devs will need more story lines for those players, which is fine by me, I am a SW geek (and Trekkie). Oddly enough, only one of my friends was a BH, and he hated it lol, they are almost all TKM now.

Oh by the way Tannim, my name online is Ayden Storm.

Cool... I'm already in a city and guild though. We started on Corellia as Riverland, but then we all migrated over to Dantooine, and built Shadowlight.

My player name is Tannim Kole. I'm not much into the PvP, but I mastered a few things before dumping them to do Armorsmithing. LOL 4 more skills and I make master.


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Anybody who gets this game in the future had better play on Lowca, or your lives are forfeit.


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Our City is on Dant too, Axso Summit.
For some people the ship thing won't be a big deal. SOme of the guys on those servers are millionaires many times over, just go hunt on Rancors on Dathomir with 4-5 other guys that is an easy 12-15k a mission a peice and good XP.
I am a smuggler, since I have been offline I can't grind on that and my weaponsmithing, but SMugglers make spice and that is a huge commodity. Also smugglers can keep stormtroopers from noticing sliced weapons and other illegal items, which isn't that big of a deal for tougher characters but for non-coms that is handy. Since Stormtroopers are pretty tough.
Speaking of tough stormtroopers, everybody always thinks they are weak especially if you play the RPG, either West End, or West Coasts version. However, the heroes are always running from them, and when they don't (endor0 they are hiding and fighting for thier life hmmmm.
Galaxies is a fun game if you have people to play with that match your style, especially if friends. PvP isn't my thing, but we do hunt Imps sometimes. I also tend to attempt to Roleplay the game like I would a table top game, oh well. Can't wait to get a new computer and play again on DSL lol.


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The PvP in the game is so horrendously gay. It boils down to who gets the KD first.

Of course I'm a Bounty Hunter, so I feel just a little butthurt over PvP since we're the weakest class, except for maybe low-level Jedi.


Ugh I was literally bombarded by wookies for 3 solid hours! Why? They found out I could make the wookie armor and was selling it for 9K a set.

Of course then the hate mail starte flowing from the other armorsmiths because "Don't you know on the other servers and on here we're selling that stuff for 150K-200K a set? Stop selling so cheap! You're stealing our business. We're gonna get rich, and you won't!" (That amuses me, since I've got about 5 mill currently, have burned through prolly about 10 mill, given my boyfriend 10 mill, and my little bro 8 mill LOL Mass orders mroe than makes up for not price gouging! LOL)

Which is why I got into armorsmithing in the first place. To make 1 set of wookie armor, it only costs about 1K credits in materials. So to me is was completely insane what those other morons were selling for. I sell it 3K for a piece. There's 4 pieces total. And as always, if someone wants a whole set of any armor I give them 1 piece free as a discount and thank you.

Made me laugh though... in one night I sold about 100 sets of armor, and when I finally logged off at 1am, I still had about 20 some more orders to fill (most for multiple sets). I'm dreading what my inbox will look like when I log on tonight LOL

Got to the point where my town and guild mates started teasing me because wookies were showing up in the town itself looking for me LOL One was sitting in the shop, another on the doorstep, and a bunch mroe wandering around. Had to have been the most wooks I've ever seen on the server in a single night ROFL

My mayor has dubbed me "Armorer to furries" *shudders*