Stan_comp.exe came back as a virus


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Stan_comp.exe came back as a "Spyware.Passwords" virus in Malware Bytes. It weighs 28.0 kB and it was created back in August of 2009. This is a false positive right :confused:

from mbam-log:

Files Infected:
C:\Program Files\Origin Systems\Secret Ops\Stan_comp.exe (Spyware.Passwords) -> No action taken.
Try scanning with another AV...but our crack team is 99.99999999999% sure that it's a false-positive.
It does not. That EXE doesn't store anything password-related of whatever; it just alter a registry flag for application compatibility... and it's separate from the main launcher so that you don't need to trigger the UAC (Windows Vista and Windows 7) everytime you launch the game, instead prompting you only when you're about to change the compatibility mode.

The password mention by the AV is either a false positive, or (not likely) the EXE has been infected once on your PC. If you run a full AV scan and it turns out it's the only reported file, that'd be a good proof of a false positive.

As for the file itself, I made it and I am also the one making the setup EXEs... I can tell you it's clean.
I've gotten this false positive during a scan with clamwin a few weeks ago and ignored it since it was the only item that came up. The virus definitions were updated the following day and the next scan didn't show it.

I chalked it up to A/V software being annoying and went about my day wishing all I had to do was blow up Kilrathi.
If this helps you, here are some hash values for the Stan_comp.exe on my PC.
CRC32	c526bf74
MD5	5740c051774da3f3daa20fdf0a89ebaf
SHA-1	7ca71f3878a1d3127f4ceb0c06c46a786248d2df
Thanks for all of the responses. I was pretty sure it was a false positive, but who knows these days. I have the file on ignore. And Eset 4.0 didn't think it was a virus. I thought the file name meant Standoff Compiler... I was so far off :p. Thanks again.