Spoiler! QUestion on Mission 9....


.... where you have to escort the avenger to the jump point.

When i did come back from the Jump point with the vampire, it was undestructable, and enemies keep spawning, so the only way to finsih the mission was fly at max Speed to the next waypoint, and when you far enough away, hit Autopilot.

Is that intended? I feel like i cheated somehow.
Well, had you killed all the other ships before the Squids appeared, you would have had a chance to autopilot away. Still, running away like that is acceptable... it wasn't what I had in mind, but it makes sense, and the latest version of the game actually makes it reasonably possible to do this.

Of course, the original idea was that the player should kill everything else before the Squids show up, or be trapped and killed. Unfortunately, this doesn't work out too well in practice - Squids are cute, with their boosters and all, but they're not that powerful, so it turns out that players can easily survive long enough to realise that they're stuck fighing against infinite waves.
How shall i kill a the Orca? Hydra with just 1 Torpedo (with the Epee)... and the other alien ships kept spawning too.
You don't need to kill the Hydra, you just need to kill all the fighters that appear before the Squids do. There is a time gap between the moment when the last of the normal fighters appear and the first of the Squids... during this time, if you kill all the other fighters, you'll be able to autopilot away.
Well, I ran too, because it seemed the most sensible choice. No offense, but the mission concept didn't work out well.