Splash Screen


Master of Orion
well i'm making the splash screen-wallpaper for WCU ;)

here is the result so far:

Looks pretty good, few pointers though.

You'd want to use signature ships of Wing Commander. It should immediately be apparent that this is about Wing Commander Universe just by looking at the splash.

I think you're on the right track by using ships of WC1, 2 and 3. However you emphasise the shuttle craft, which is not a signature ship imo.

Maybe if you made the Bengal bigger in the picture, with the strakha's attacking, and the Rapier II intercepting that might look better. Also you'd want to put a Privateer ship in like the Tarsus.

With those elements I think you'd represent WCU well.
lol, kinda looks like a borogove from alice in wonderland. :D

Hey cy, why not put a carrier or a destroyer in the background, that would look nice. :cool: