Spaceships Universe. Wing Commander Tribute.

Hey, guys! I want to show you quick video with flight-ready ships. You can see updated models from Klavs81's pack. E.g. I added some turrets for venture and ralari, lights and engines exhausts. Also I made turrets as separate objects so they are fully operational.
.....aaaaannnnd I have to change my shorts......

Playable demo coming??? You're killing me here Arraen!

"Awesome" doesn't seem adequate to describe this. Well done!
Hey, guys. I'm still here :) and sorry for a long delay with the updates.
I did closed alpha test. As it was expected it showed lots of bugs but it also gave some ideas for the game. I decided to add some features before doing next step of alpha testing. Such as - interactive sector map and improved ship hangar. I know it will take more time to implement but I think it's ok. The game should be as much interesting as possible.
Hope on your patience :)

Testing the game is not very hard. The main idea behind it is to give feedback to developers as much as possible.