Spaceships Universe. Wing Commander Tribute.

And some pictures. My game is about capital ships but... since I have so cool model from Klavs81's pack I had to add it to game :)

rapier1.png rapier2.png
that was cool, except you're still killin cats ;) lol

I like how that highlighted not only the extra damage and range on the capital class weapons but how they were less accurate against the much faster and more maneuverable escort
My next plans are to add Fralthi or Ralari. And after that I will have 4 ships which can be controlled by player (Venture, Kamrani, Tallahassee and Fralthi or Ralari).
So next video will be about killing terrans :)
So... have you played, uh, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident? How about the Tactical Fleet Simulator mod for Homeworld 2 Classic? Or how about *checks* Distant Star: Revenant Fleet (which, as best as I can tell, is a modern, worse Nexus)? Is this going to be like that?
have you played, uh, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident?
Yes, and for me it is very boring game. You just point target and wait while your guns will do the rest for you.

Is this going to be like that?
Current version is:
- roombased multiplayer game;
- in rooms might be some bots;
- you are manage your ship like in "Nexus, TJI" but you need to aim your guns and missiles manually

I would say the closest game is World of Warships. But in space and you can not mix confed and kilrathi ships for one side. And also there will be a map of universe and the main goals are - to conquer all systems and destroy enemy homeworld.
Really? Auto aiming set you off? This isn't Scorched Earth, lol. The decisions in Nexus: TJI were deep and the game is known for being really really hard. Add auto aiming to that... it might make it unmanageable. What about the other games I mentioned? N:TJI didn't have good 3D movement, and the relative positioning of ships, in the sense of 'in 3d space' rather than in the sense of 'go to thing' is a LOT weaker than, sayyyy, Tactical Fleet Simulator. Have you played that?
Really? Auto aiming set you off?
Yep, I've played in Nexus a lot trying to find good ideas for my game and initial version have had autoaiming. Now I left in auto mode only AA turrets. Will see in tests how this decision will work. Gameplay is adjustable thing.
Regarding Tactical Fleet Simulator answer is no. I've played in Homeworld and thats it.
What am I doing is trying to keep wing commander "pew-pew" style but bring it to big ships with their special features.
I've simplified real physics after some tests. Yes, you can manage your ship rotation and pitch but you shouldn't worry about endless velocity in space. Let's imagine additional engines which are compensating your movements and if you cut off you main engines you will slowly stop in some time. So ships in my game have inertia but not the real physics. Leave full realism to great Kerbal Space Program :)
Yes my friend, you have the right attitude. Don't make this a overly complicated game, make it a Wing Commander game. Focus on the fun and space combat.
How goes the development of this masterpiece?
Work in progress. Now I'm importing Klavs81's models to game. For example this is his Venture corvette. I hope soon I'll have working alpha build and start active testing.
It is almost 2 years of development now. From this perspective it's like a Star Citizen but unfortunately I don't have $100kk like Chris Roberts has :)


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Ok, finally I finished with updating Klavs81's models, adding textures and splitting them onto pieces. Such as turrets, missiles, bridges etc. For now I have ready 4 ships. Venture, Southhampton, Jalkhei and Ralari.
I'm trying to keep same classes for both sides. Like 2 corvettes and 2 destroyers for now. Unfortunately, Klavs81's pack doesn't contain any Kilrathi corvettes. So I decided to "upgrade" heavy fighter Jalkhei into corvette class. Anyway she has similar tasks and equipped with jump drive. What do you think, guys?
Also project has new name Spaceships Universe. :) Since it is not strategic game but online capital ship simulator I thought word "tactics" doesn't fit here.


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Looks great! One spelling correction: the Kilrathi ship is the Jalkehi, which you have in the sidebar but not in the lower middle title.