Spacedock Explores Warship Roles (August 23, 2018)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
SpaceDock has once again touched on Wing Commander in one of its frequent sci-fi starship videos. This clip is actually an interesting segment on the role of multi-mission or specialized craft across science fiction universes. The author comes down heavily on the side of mission-specific vessels from both a practical and narrative standpoint. He credits the Wing Commander series for sticking to this concept and making traditional carriers that usually aren't just super ships that can do everything. The prime example are Yorktown light carriers such as the TCS Victory. Sure, dreadnoughts, supercarriers and megacarriers like the Concordia, Vesuvius and Midway are crazy cool, but I can certainly see the point in rooting for the underdogs. The Victory gets bonus points for operating as part of a small fleet as well. Jump to the 7 minute mark below for the part on Wing Commander. You can also find Spacedock's original video on the Yorktowns here.

I break down how I think nautical warship monikers should be applied to Science Fiction.
Original update published on August 23, 2018