Space Sim Gaming Help


Hi Everyone

I need a little help from the community to help compile a list of links or just references to other space sim style projects so I can get them listed on my website Space Sim Central.

I have a fair amount of space sims, remakes, mod sites, mmos and indie games listed but could use a bit more help in finding more. This will be a great resource for everyone interested in space games in general. Any feedback on the list is welcomed to in the way of categorizing entries or how it's displayed. (SSC Links Area)

So if people can leave there feedback in this post it would be appreciated or just create your own. At SSC I am trying to cover the latest and most popular games in the space sim genre and hopefully create a nice hub for people to discuss all the games in general. I have also started a wiki that (in time) will document most of the space sims that have been created as well.

Thanks Everyone for the help and the feedback thus far on SSC.