"Space Salvage"


recovering cargo: if you accidentally eject the Artifact during a mission, it comes back in as Space Salvage. Is there a way to get it IDed, or does the game track it as being the artifact anyway and you shouldn't worry about it, or does it even matter if you have the Artifact with you?


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But as long as we're talking about space salvage, how about my earlier suggestion that the good stuff, like level 9 shield generators and stuff like that retain more value than the Commodity exchange space salvage and be 1% or so of it's original value? That way, it's a cool reward for toasting a Paradigm, but you don't make 10M in the process. Say an item new was 100,000 credits. You sell it for 1,000. If you think that's too much, make it .05%. So, what do y'all think?