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If an Admiral is an Aministrator what is a Space Marshal?
Apologies if this question has already been asked.
We made some changes to the ranking system over the past couple of days. Admins are Space Marshals now, Moderators are full Generals, and regular posters like you can climb as high as Major General.
So now who are the admirals

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I don't think we have them... (I may be wrong but it looks like we are using Space Forces stuff except for Space Marshal who is Navy.)


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Kris can there be (in the WC universe) more then 1 Space Marshal? because I thoguht that the Space Marshal is incharge for the whole damn navy.
Yes, there can be, SM's control sectors and fleets.

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Survey, could we do without the medals? In my opinion, no

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Everyone in here is jealous of them 'cause of the medals...

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Not me, I chose to stay a mod because the general icon kicks major ass. I love this thing.

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