Space Force 2: Demo Out!


The Space Force Rogue Universe Demo (got renamed) was released on Tuesday 29th.

The voice acting is particular bad and it seems there isnt much support for ajoystick in the demo =(

But on the other hand its damn good fun!

The release date is the 22nd of June in the uk!

Also it seems my name has made it into the game (was a thread on the forum to get your name in the game ages ago!) as a Yah An Ra bounty hunter, if you look in the resource files you'll see a Kosch NaThrak :p


I used to play on EverQuest under the name Kosch Na'Thrak, the surname being a slight ripoff from WC:prophecy :D:D


Rear Admiral
I played the beta a little time ago and it was pretty good but not very well balanced. The demo is sure worth the look, but I wouldn´t buy the full-version before playing the game.


The demoo

Been playing the full version a few days now.

The voice acting and the storyline is very bad (think the story line lost depthin the translation) so I've just decided to play the game in free mode where you can do pretty much what you like.

Story mode is quite hard as it throws you into the thick of the action with no tutorials or even a hello, when I first played the demo I found it extremeley frustratrating!

As of shipping there are massive problems with peoples joysticks it wont even recognise mine so I'm using the mouse freelancer style. They say there is a patch coming out soon for it.

Also I've had to manually set my native widescreen res of the game as the config tool doesnt display it.

Other than those issues I've had massive fun playing a new space combat game, I love mining roids for materials to make a few special upgrades for my ship and learning to recognise ships, their shield types and amour as your weapons have a % effect depending on what they are.

You do need to invest a fair amount in getting your ship combat worthy so dont expect to be blasting pirates and kicking their butts back straight away. Do some satelite fixing quests and lots of mining!