Something truly original: a WWII rpg


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Before I say anything else, I have neither the interest nor know-how to make anything like this, just thought I'd pose a topic for discussion.

I see people complaining all the time about how so many games released nowadays are rehashes of old cliches so I was thinking to myself "What's never been done before?" Then it hit me. No one has ever made a WWII game in the style of final fantasy games. I don't have a lot of military knowledge, so please correct me if you wish. The game could focus on a paratrooper unit that lands in Normandy and would be controlled in the ff party system. The character classes could include a demolitionist, infantry, a medic and a comm guy. The comm guy would play much like a summoner and would call in artillery and air strike while the medic could be like a white mage. The Demolitionist would be something like a red(?) mage in that he would primarily use explosives for attacking and the infantry would be like the standard warrior class. All characters could still use small arms for basic attacks and could eat rations for minor damage recovery. Could use morphine as a berserker item. As the unit moves further into Normandy they'd learn more about each other and come to trust each other. There's room for loss and pain, doubt and suffering. The leveling would be pretty simple, the more they fight or use their individual abilities the better they get.

So anyways, that's the idea that came out of my twisted mind. I realize that there's things in there that are a tad macabre and kinks that would need to be worked out, but there it is, something I've never heard of being done before. Any thoughts?


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I think the reason a war RPG like final fantasy hasn't been done is because it wouldn't be realistic or full of action, and war games should have one or both of those, or they won't be a good war game.

Think war. Not storytime about war.


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Something like Commandos?

The only thing I want to point out about your idea is that morphine is not a berserker drug.


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By berserker, I meant kind of like that scene in Scarface. Say hello to my little friend!!!


Mincemeat said:
Sounds a bit like Fallout Tactics in a WW2 setting.
Fallout Tactics was a terrible game. Silent Storm (the game I linked to) gave me some great Fallout and X-Com vibes.