Something to Talk Obutu (July 10, 2022)


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Here's a short clip of a deleted line (and alt takes and temp cues) from the Wing Commander movie. Hugh Quarshie's Mr. Obutu utters an apparent African expression that I'd love to learn more of its origins and meaning. I feel it gives the scene an interesting flavor.

One thing that was always great in the WC games (and to an extent the movie too) was the international representation on the crew, and cutting the line feels like a missed opportunity.

Original update published on July 10, 2022
I was always curious about why specifically Starship Troopers gets mentioned on the back of the DVD box for the movie... They both have fresh recruits going to war but the similarites kinda end there... Regardless, the temp music used when editing the movie in post-production is heavily Starship Troopers to the point where it dominates the temp soundtrack. The cues you hear in this clip are Starship Trooper tracks. (there's a few used repeatedly and 'Klendathu Drop' is one of them), and while there's some wierd temp choices in the list the Starship Troopers soundtrack is great and really sells the mood of what they were going for. I should add that they don't necessarily use whole tracks it's often just a single phrasing or cue that's layered into the overall mix.

Other tracks used as temp cues include a sprinkling of Independance Day, Alien 3, GI Jane, Apollo 13, And THe Fifth Element figures in as a kind of Pilgrim theme for Blair.

THere's a handful of one off tracks like Daft Punk for the mess hall background music, and then some tracks from Airforce One, Double Impact, Stargate, Crash (the Cronenberg one), Demolition man, Volcano, True Lies, Robocop 3, and of course the notorious end credits track being Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. Check out a somewhat completish list here

The more surprising tracks for me were ones like The Sevendust track 'Black' that's laid over the Starship Trooper tracks at times because the young pilots have this odd rock motif whenever they show up. You can hear that a bit in Kiner's final soundtrack as the compat has various guitar elements in it as well.