Some math questions


I'm a bit puzzled about the math in privateer gemini gold (maybe in the others too, I'm kinda new to the privateer universe, only played wing commander so far)

The damage values : When I buy FF or imrec missiles it says a missile does 20 Mj damage. Neutron guns also do 20 Mj damage.
Then why is it that a talon blows up after 2 direct missile hits, but survives 2 direct hits from my 4 neutron guns ? (2*4*20 = 160 Mj gun dmg <-> 2*20 = 40Mj missile dmg)

Weapon range : guns have a range roughly between 300 and 500 m in the specs if you buy them. However during battle they seem to range much further (judging by the distance of the opponent in the target screen)

Maybe there is some explanation for this or maybe it are (minor) bugs in the specs. I'm just curious :)

Otherwise, great game :))


the 20 on the Neutron gun is its power consumption, not its damage per shot. The Neutron gun actually does 6.2 damage per shot.

Gun range varies in proportion to the speed of the energy bolts it fires. Neutron and Plasma guns have the slowest bolts and the shortest range of 3100-3200 m, while Lasers have the fastest bolts and the longest range of about 4750 m. Since even laser bolts travel less than twice as fast as an enemy fighter afterburning away from you, the ITTS (Iris Mk3, Hunter 6i or B&S Omni radar only) may show it as out of range even though it is closer than your guns' range limit because by the time the bolts would have caught up with it, the enemy fighter WOULD be out of range.


nope, I checked again and the 20 is damage. Enegy consuption for the neutron gun is listed as 1600MJ...


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I was hoping this thread would be about some complex algebra orders of operation or integrals or something.


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Me too. I was hoping that my courses in linear algebra and differential equations would somehow be validated.

But I guess not. : (


Hey, soz I'm not a privateer developper. And sorry if these questions have been asked before or if I'm overlooking something obvious, which is, judging by the answers the case.
However I still don't really get it.

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Use the manual instead of the values given by the game. They will be removed when we are able to replace the default vegastrike computer terminal screens with wing commander (privateer) style interfaces.


don't know why it would be reporting the damage wrong...

as for range, i *think* (if i remember right) the bolts are [internally] actaully time limited, not range limited.

it's possible that no one adjusted their life span to match their range.

("range_in_metres") / ("speed_in_metres/second") = seconds to live.

possibly, no one did that math, and all the weapons just have the same life span time, making their ranges out of whack.

but anyways, i'm not sure. memory isn't perfect.