So, what do you do when you are stuck at Sol


So, there I was sitting in Gemini and I saw this GREAT three-fer for a cargo run to Alpha Centauri. I grab it hand head out. I get to sol through Benards Star. (There is no way from Sol to benards star, it is a one way trip it seems!!) Then I take the jump to Alpha Centauri. My missions seem to want some place named alphacentauri!?!? So I dump my cargo, explore a bit and find out I am stuck in a little cluster of dead end worlds. I try doing the sol->sirius->weslyn->mastif->Oxford route to get home but weslyn only has 1 jump point back to sirius and NOTHING else. I exit out, find the Weslyn system has been generated by the game at C:\Program Files\Vegastrike\Privateer\.privateer100\sectors\wcuniverse.xml\Sol. It only has the one link. I pop open one of the other files in that directory, copy out one of its jump points into the Weslyn file, rename the link to Mastif and then start the game. The jump point appears, and I am OUTTA THERE!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! Into the nice safe oxford system were I only need to be worried about being jumped by 5 pirats at the jump point. Whew... that was exciting!!

Something in these configs doesn't allow the game to generate a good system for all of the planets around Sol. I am guessing this has something to do with wcuniverse.xml but I can't seem to spot the problem. Maybe a bad planet type or something.
I think I would like to take a shot at fixing the generator. Anyone know where I might start in the code/configs?