Smoking Gun

Were the smoking guns in Iraq planted?

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Originally posted by Quarto
Personally, I'm really growing tired of this WMD bullshit. Say that you just want to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and I'll support you. But I really don't need a million lies about why Iraq is a threat. It's these lies that make me and many others so edgy about the war in Iraq - if Bush is gonna keep lying about why he wants to go in, how can we know what his real intentions are anyway?
I totally agree, no body in their right mind wants Saddam around. I don't think even the poeple who protest against going to war want Saddam around. But Bush is pulling reasons out of his ass to start a war with Iraq and that's just dangerous.

Phillip Tanaka

That's right. That is the extreme right handedness that the rent a mob are protesting, which is as far to the left as you can get. If Bush wants to take out Saddam, and if he chewed up and spat out any laws that prevent the torture of terrorists for information and such, then WTF is wrong with him going over and slipping a Tabun pill to the camel Saddam french kisses or something?


Vice Admiral
Hate to burst your bubble, there. We've tried many a covert op to get Saddam, and if he's particularly good at ONE THING, it is protecting from or evading covert ops. Plus, Saddam surgically altered people to be almost exact look-alikes to the point of absurdity. No, to oust Saddam, we must go old-school on his ass.

Phillip Tanaka

Yeah, that's right. He has those actors and that, doesn't he? But I also remember planned operationts that would have taken him down were not carried out.


Peace Through Superior Firepower
Originally posted by LeHah

After that, North Korea.
Actually, the hit list should go something like this:

North Korea/Pakistan
Saudi Arabia if they haven't wised up yet
Cuba/Phillipine terrorists
China if they don't knock off their shit
Dissolve NATO
Kick UN out of U.S.
Kick U.S. out of Texas
Tell the whole world to go to hell and leave us alone.


Unknown Enemy
Originally posted by Ripper
Tell the whole world to go to hell and leave us alone.
Ok, so what you're saying, essentially, is that it's time to nuke Texas, right? I mean, if you want to separate Texas from the rest of the world, then taking Texas out is a much faster way than taking the rest of the world out :p.


a full fledged GF
You can't just eliminate people...

Originally posted by Phillip Tanaka
But I also remember planned operationts that would have taken him down were not carried out.
There have been policies in place for quite some time now that prohibit assassinations, so those plans, if they ever existed, are most likely very old.

Phillip Tanaka

Now I'm sure Bush said that any and all means would be utilised to stop terrorism. Whether he meant assassinations I don't know, I'm taking him on his word on this.


a full fledged GF
Well, quite clearly since:
  • He has not tried to have such policies rescinded
  • Nobody has been assassinated
...he did not mean assassinations. Get a grip.

Phillip Tanaka

Simple. If they want to shove, then I'll shove right back. Except I wouldn't do it in this instence. You're right, I am sensitive. But I know better than to rip someone's head off without just cause, or in my view without just cause.