Sins of Empire modding?

Would be cool to see some kind of mod with the ships from Wing Commander in the game.

Apparantly, one of the modders over at the Sins website is toying with an idea to mod the current game to make it more Wing Commander like (ie. combat based more on fighter combat than capital combat), but don't know about adding ships.
I started playing it about a week ago, and so far, I have lost many hours of sleep to it.

It can be something of a long game depending on the map that you are on which can range from a single star system, to multiples of star systems. Largest I've done is 5 stars, roughly 50 planets, took me about 9 hours to finish the map.

I think the game's pretty well worth taking a look at.
I've been looking into this game more the past couple of days. Seems really interesting. It appears that games take alot of time to complete (although they are modifying the game to allow AI to surrender.)

I'll have to keep my eyes on this one.
The game is well worth your time and money, and since it is supported by Stardock you can be pretty certain that they will continue to put out 'patches' that not only fix bugs and balance, but add features.

I'm not sure about the modability of the game (there are modding tools but I havn't heard much about how powerful they are), but would love to see even a few models being made for use in the game.