Short Video of my 7 Gratha models

Michelle D


Oldest to newest, my most recent one is still under construction. I also threw in my low poly models.

I had made a holo projector and room as part of the scene so that it looked like my models were being viewed on board another ship, but decided to take it out to save on rendering time.

Shades of Gratha (June 8, 2008)

Michelle D loves the Gratha, and the result has been seven progressive iterations of the design that she's modeled over the years. Now Wingnuts can see all of them in one neat new video. Check it out on YouTube or download it here (2.1 meg flv). Watch a new version of the fighter appear every 10 seconds or so in the clip. Sometimes the progression from one to the next can be subtle, so keep a close eye on things like weapon details to catch the transitions.

Original update published on June 8, 2008
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Thanks guys


I use Adobe After Effects 7 under Vista which is kind buggy at the moment to do my compositing.

I exported the files as PNG rendered from XSI 5.0 which I later found out causes problems with DIVIX encoding so I just used QUICKTIME H264 425x350 @ 30fps and uploaded it to YOUTUBE.

For the seventh model I tried to take the old pixle graphic and put it into Illustrator 9 and drew lines to find the 2 point perspective used, then blew the image up some



I have issues still with the rear of the ship and the guns and the odd pods on the side under the wings.
Michelle top notch work as always! I've loved watching your treatment of kilrathi designs over the years keep it up!

more progress on the seventh model

I took some designs from the Japanese box art.




The blue lights are coming from the mass drivers. I decided to move them into the crevice and use the pods hanging from the wings as the missile launcher like the box art.



I used a panel from the interior of a Kilrathi ship, I liked it so much I may go looking for more to add.

The modeling isn't done yet but I felt like doing texture work.
thank you. :D

Have you tried blender or wings3d?

I made a Ambient Occlusion map with XNormal... I just got the program but already i like it.

I only did the missile pods and main body segment, but did the ambient occlusion separately for both object... next I want to try and combine them but I think I need to redo the texture mapping because they would overlap as it is now.



Working on the rear, trying to be accurate to the Clawmarks on this one... but it's difficult to decipher.

anyone by chance have a to scale or scale of the laser gun or mass driver? I just don't want my guns looking too small or too large in comparison to other models.

Small update
I...I thnk I love you.. :eek:
Very nice!

You even did some Exo Squad redering. A show I used to wake up at 5am to watch when I was a kid until Fox finnaly canceled it. :(
Thank you :D

The texture for my nozzle slats are getting distorted and creating a morey pattern

the variation in colors in the shield around the thrusters are taken from contours of the Clawmarks side view which to me didn't quite line up with the top.

I tired to fill in the inside with something a little more realistic, taken from a rear shot of a jet engine... it's no Howard Day but I think it looks okay.

Some improvement in texturing :D


Drew the texture for the exposed engine area by hand using the pen tool in Photoshop then turned the lines into strokes which were then shaded to look like round tubes using the layer effects. Afterwards I applied the mozaic pixilation filter to get a more old age computer graphic look to the image, though not every image is pixilated like that but I may do it to them if it looks alright.