Ship stats

Death's Head

First of the stats here for you Q.

Scimitar MRF
YPR 70/80/100 Rotational accel 100
Vel 400 def, 160 min, 520 max 560 accel
AB 1100 1500 accel 300 sec fuel
Gun power 320 Recharge 20 def, 2 min, 45 max
2 Dust Cannon
Shields 180/150 recharge 21, 2.1, 32
Armor 255/240/185/185
Missile Load 3 IR, 3 HS, 2 DF, 2 LT
Decoys 16

Gratha HF
YPR 70/80/170 Rotational accel 90
Vel 360 def, 144 min, 468 max 490 accel
AB 900 1200 accel 360 sec fuel
Gun power 500 Recharge 160 def, 16 min, 260 max 2 Mass Driver Cannon, 2 Tachyon Gun
Shields 220/200 recharge 25, 3, 38
Armor 140/120/100/100
Missile Load 4 DF, 4 IR, 4 HS, 2 FF
6 DF, 4 DF, 4 IR, 2 HS, 2 T (Bomb)
Decoys 24
There could be the possibility of having RPs after BW acquisition.

Salthi LF
YPR 150/140/250 Rotational accel 270
Vel 520 def, 210 min, 680 max 900 accel
AB 1350 1500 accel 320 sec fuel
Gun power 200 Recharge 10 def, 1 min, 16 max 2 Laser?
Shields 70/70 recharge 15, 2, 33
Armor 60/40/30/30
Missile Load 2 DF, HS, Decoys 6

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Umm... there seems to be a problem. These stats would make the Scim superior to the Thunderbolt and Excalibur. In fact, they would make the Scim superior to the Tigershark in many ways. In terms of gun power, this thing's got more energy than a Shrike.

Anyway, we don't want to make it too powerful. Thus, its gunpower shouldn't be more than about 250, and its recharge rate no more than 25. The reason for this is that we're using the Dust Cannon. If we give it too much power, then the player will be able to fire for a good few seconds before running out. Now, the Scim is a good fighter, but its powerplant is outdated (at least until we borrow a different one
). So, it shouldn't have more than three, four seconds worth of Dust Cannon fire.

With the Gratha, you gave it about three times the armour of a Vaktoth. Now, I know that we're going to have to fly this thing against the bugs, but let's not overdo it. It should still be slightly inferior to the Vaktoth, in almost every way. The Gratha's advantage lies in its enormous payload, and its vast fuel tanks (I'd give it as much as 400 in that area).

BTW, you can scrap the RPs from the Gratha payload. For one thing, the Kilrathi don't have them, and neither do the BWers. And besides, I like the idea of using mines. One of the things I've been experimenting with lately, is the idea of modifying mine stats so that they can be used against capships. It's a great deal of fun
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If the gun power is that low, it can't fire a good few seconds. There appear to be a couple copy/paste errors. Let me check the stats and add the Salthi.
I beg to differ
. That's what the power setting is right now, and if all my shots hit, even a Vaktoth can die in one volley (and if he doesn't, my wingman finishes him off). In fact, if I tell my two wingmen to attack a Vaktoth, I can just sit back and watch him evaporate
. Thus, I think 250 is enough gun power. Don't forget, after the first two missions, the Scim will be upgraded anyway.

Anyway, I'll test these stats out later... much later... got a plane to catch in a few hours...
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After wasting almost two weeks in what can only be described as post-exam laziness, I finally decided to get back to work. So, I installed SO on this here computer, intending to finally test out these stats.

And what did I find? Apparently, though I took SO with me when I went on holidays, I forgot my registration number. Ah, well. At the end of the week, I'm going back anyway, so I'll try them then. Judging from the silence of our mission programmers, there's no hurry anyway
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Are you still here?
I've tested the stats out, and in spite of my misgivings, I think they are just about right. I don't know how to add missile hardpoints though, so I adjusted those, slightly. The Scim ended up with 4 DFs and 4 HS', and the Gratha ended up with 4 DFs, 6 HS' and 4 Mines (of the Charybdis variety, because Confed mines don't do damage to Confed ships, apparently).

We might want to give the Gratha a bit more armour, though.
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