sheffield/coventry destroyer done


the game is nexus, the jupiter incident, a tactical space game, like blitzkrieg or panzers in space.

the destroyer is only for militia forces, but yea, you'll get to blow up things:D


if it was part of the tcn, yes, then it would be green grey. the concordia carrier, which is also in the game, is just that.
the destroyer, however, is for the terran militia, hence the blue/grey color scheme

actually, you can see the concoria's bow on the first pic


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Edx said:
It looks much too big, or is it just me?

The proportions seem a bit off, the front and back might be too big relative to the middle.


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Looks more like a prespective thing.. The other ships are just farther away than is aparent


nexus does have a minimal fisheye effect, but that's minimal.
the other ships are indeed quite far away.

if you check the shipyard thread, it gives you a failry good idea of the size of the destroyer compared to a bengal.
also i have to say that according to all sources i could find, this destroyer type is way larger than the exeter or gilgamesh