Shapely New Wing Commander 3D Prints Available (November 6, 2017)


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Carter3D is a cool Shapeways outfit with a whole bunch of neat ships. There are quite a few Star Wars designs, but there are also about a dozen detailed Wing Commander models available to 3D print. Carter seems to be a Prophecy fan, but there are also a handful of ships from WC3&4 mixed in as well. They're not colored or textured, but both white and frost material is available to facilitate your own artistic painting. The WC craft are linked below, but there's also one interesting mislabel. The Wing Commander Missile Destroyer is actually a Macross ARMD carrier, which then bears quite a bit of resemblance to the Academy television show's Achilles. It may very well have been the inspiration for the WCA design. You can find all the designs here. Thanks to Whistler for the tip!

Original update published on November 6, 2017
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Futher Ships found in their collection



Vindicator Fighter - Listed as Vengence Medium Fighter


BWS Durango - Listed as Spork Med Carrier



CF-117b Rapier - MOVIE VERSION

F-27 Arrow - Listed as Broadhead

HF-66 Thunderbolt - Listed as Lightning Strike

F-103 Excalibur - Listed as Excelcier
2nd F-103 Excalibur

F-110 Wasp - Listed as hydra - NOTE THIS IS TWO PIECES (booster and craft)

TB-80 Devastator Bomber - Listed as Demolisher Bomber NOT AS NICE AS THE ONE CHRIS REID LISTED


TCS Gilgamesh - listed as Light Destroyer

TCS Vesuvius - listed as Pompay_OYA Dreadnaught - NOTE Forks on bow ... not exactly right





Bhantkara Class Carrier - Listed as Hypodermic Kitty Fighter Injector - LOL FUNNY

Snakeir Class - Listed as Snake Eater - least they tried LOL
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Wing Commander Style ships

Noticed this favored a Ranger/Yorktown, never played the Xbox Live wing commander game, any relation?

noticed this Favored the Concordia in a way

Similar to above style, listed as escort cruiser

kinda strikes me between a cross from the Vesuvius and a Homeworld 2 Crew Transport
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Kind of dissapointedthat they are as small as they are. I mean 4cm long? I mean if you're looking to use these for a SW Armada style game sure, but as far as stand alone models... eh...