Sega CD / Mega CD Emulating and Controlling


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Hi all,

I am a big fan of All Wings Considered (and hope that it returns some day, even if not in a weekly format!!).

My favourite episode was the one with the WC1 anniversary on Sega CD (Mega CD over here) where Loaf and Dundradal ran through Enyo 1 and 2. This may be blasphemy but I loved the sound track even compared to fatmans, and the fully voice characters using what seems like a really skilled cast.

Sadly, from what I can tell, a European version for the Mega CD was never released. So it is emulate or nothing for me here in the UK!

My technical issue is emulating and controller. I've never done either really. Has anyone managed to map the controls to this version to something more like the PC, or is that simply not possible?

Any and all tips are very appreciated!

From your friend across the pond.
For controllers, there are plenty of options. You can get the official Mega Drive Mini/Genesis Mini USB controller - it's for the Mega Drive Mini or Genesis Mini retro console, but it's USB and works just fine on a PC.

There are options for playing Sega CD/Mega CD games - there are Everdrive like cartridges that support CD emulation - put the ISO on a SD card, stick it in your Mega Drive/Genesis and play on your TV.

I don't know about many PC emulators - sound seems to always be the big issue.

I do believe the MiSTer (FPGS based retro emulator system) supports MegaCD as well and there are options to interface it with real controllers.
Use neogenesis for the emulation, now for the controls, that runs the sega cd version just fine, you can use joy2key to whatever controller you would like.. but keep this in mind, the controls were mapped with specifically the genesis controller in mind, so mapping to an actual joystick might make for some weird/unlogic combo's while playing.

If you have an original copy, and would like to run it on your original PAL console, you can opt to flash the bios to regionfree. Any modern flatscreen I used will work with the composite NTSC signal, but your results with a CRT TV set might vary depending on it's age(As for NTSC gen 1 xbox on PAL system my 1995 sharp set could not handle it, but my 2005 Sony Triniton worked just fine).