Seems a little dark


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I've noticed that in all of the systems the player's ship, and even some of the NPC ships, are really dark and hard see any detail. A few times I wouldn't even be able to see my ship if it wasn't for the engines, but the engines were all I could see.
Prior to the 4.65 release I had played through the original single player game with the small ship pack that was released. All of the ships were quite a bit clearer, so I don't know if the dark look is from a change in the construction of the systems or a change to textures on the ships or what.
The textures haven't changed at all - however, I suspect the system lighting has. I'm currently playing through the current version to get caught up on all the changes myself, so, if you'll pardon the pun, I'm as much in the dark as you are.
The problem is the system lighting.
When I wrote the new Gemini Sector, except for Perry and New Constantinople, EVERY system has one light source, it's sun.
(If it has one. Systems without a sun have a light source in the center of the system.)
(In Perry, and New Constantinople, there's an additional light source between the Sun and the Station, to compensate for the low lighting at that distance.)
Many people, in the Lancer's Reactor forum, wanted a more realistic lighting in the mod.
So, I set it up that way.
The result being that unless the sun is above your ship, and unobstructed, your ship will be in the shadows alot.

In Freelancer, dang near every object has it's own light source, or the system light source is large enough for a system 4 times it's actual size.