Secret Ops Site Update (August 10, 1998)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Yep, it's an update so worthy of your attention that it's not in the least bit witty or annoying. The beginning is near! The Secret Ops web site has finally been updated! It's not one of those sucky 2 bit updates, either, it's a full fledged more info than humanly possible update... go check it out, now! Screenshots and text quoted below...
Captions to the Screenshots (in order)
  • The Cerberus' BFG provides your backup.
  • Heavy artillery cruiser.
  • Test the classified 'Cloud Burst' weapon.
  • More defense for the cap ship strike missions.
  • New 'Plunkett' Class cruiser.
  • 3D accelerated graphics.
  • New 'Murphy' Class destroyers.
  • Game engine cinematic.
  • The Cerberus - quick-strike cruiser.
  • Alien scouts observe their prey.
  • The Cerberus' BFG provides your backup.
What is Secret Ops?Wing Commander: Secret Ops is an unprecedented episodic game release available exclusively over the internet.Secret Ops is a stand alone space combat action game with 56 new single player missions split into seven downloadable episodes. A new Secret Ops episode, consisting of 6-8 missions, will be posted on the Wing Commander Secret Ops web site each week beginning later this summer. On the days leading up to each episode, new fictional experiences will be posted from the Secret Ops story which sets the stage for the upcoming downloadable episode. Over a 7 week period, a new episode of missions will be available for download on each Thursday.The actual game incorporates a new story, new weapons and more intense battle scenarios than ever before. The Secret Ops story is a continuation of Wing Commander: Prophecy, released late last year. It introduces the Cerberus, a quick-strike cruiser and many other surprises. Players will be propelled through the story via all new cinematic scenes rendered on-the-fly in full 3D, plus gripping new in-flight coms. Game play will include new, enhanced weapons and multi-stage capital ship strike missions. The game universe is packed with unique environments including dense asteroids fields, new Confed star bases and remote stations to explore. There are even cameos from past Wing Commander ships.And by the way, you can experience this unprecedented gaming event for FREE*.* (except for standard Internet connection charges).STORY:Wing Commander: Secret Ops is set in the aftermath of the alien war that took place in Wing Commander: Prophecy. The super-carrier Midway's very best pilots are assigned to escort the Confederation's first "quick strike" assault cruiser: Cerberus. The Terran Confederation Intelligence Service (TCIS) has slated Cerberus for 'deep cover' duty in foreign systems. Her specific capabilities remain TOP SECRET.But, to the Ace pilots from Midway, it is no secret that unrest is brewing in Sol and Vega sectors, that Kilrathi space (now littered with Alien debris) is a hotbed of looting and that the real WAR has just begun.Key Features
  • 56 pulse-pounding single player missions, divided into seven downloadable episodes.
  • Exciting new in-flight cockpit comms will keep the story alive as you fight through each mission.
  • Annihilate the aliens with never-before-seen weapons, including the "dust cannon" and "Mosquito missiles".
  • Fly into combat along-side powerful new Confed starships, including the heavy artillery cruiser, quick strike cruiser and civilian cruise-liners.
  • Fight to the death in five sleek Confed starfighters and bombers, each with their own weapons and performance characteristics.
  • Join the war efforts of other Confed wings, including cameo appearances of past Wing Commander ships like the Excalibur, Thunderbolt and Confed Carrier.
  • Immerse yourself in this rich story of Confed's cover operations through amazingly-detailed cinematic sequences rendered on-the-fly in crisp 3D graphics.
  • Witness dazzling special effects like shockwave explosions, colored ambient and dynamic lighting, massive starships with moving gun turrets and crisp Dolby Surround sound.
  • Experience larger, more intensified battles than any other spacecombat game.
  • Discover new mission environments like secret Confed Star Bases and Remote Stations.
  • Feel the heat of battle in multi-stage capital ship strike Missions.

Original update published on August 10, 1998
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